I serve  clients that seek change in thier lives. 


Client A – Free to Be Me

You seek healing and transformation through soul searching, asking yourself –  who am I?  You don’t feel belong to your surrounding but not sure where you should be.

I created the most affordable form of life coaching starting from $197 for 8 weeks worth of online coaching.

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Client B – Soul Speaking Coaching

You are a healer, coach, counselor, social worker or you want to be a coach.  Your pain motives you to help other who are suffering from the similar pain you had. You have the passion for helping others seek liberation and healing because you know the way…

This is a new coaching modality that was developed by Ronit Gabay, and even exciting coaches will benefit from getting familiar with this method. Ronit claims that identifying one’s Core Value coaching through a process of self-discovery will help one to get in touch with his or her soul truth. After the coach help one to align his or her life choices with the core value, creating a new structure that fit its spirit.

If you wish to explore the new coaching method, which I call Soul Speaking Coaching, I created a wonderful coaching training program that takes you on a journey of healing both as a coach and a client experiencing both sides of this experience.

The program is for 3 months, live webinars, you will receive the credit of 34.5 toward adult education by the ICF.

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