Journey of “self” discovery

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My inspiration for Soul Speaking Coaching Program

In 2014, I published my book Walking in the Footsteps of the Masters after almost seven years of research as well as growing up in Israel where a reality of separation caused by fear motivated me to seek spiritual meaning beyond religions that connect us all.

As soon as I read the scriptures of world religions, I made a big discovery!!!

The common pattern of the experiences of the Great Masters—Buddha, Jesus, Moses and Muhammad—indicate a spiritual path that is similar in nature to your own. I found seven milestones in their lives that illustrate those patterns and their significance.

If you are familiar with Joseph Campbell’s work about the Hero’s Journey, you know that the Hero’s Journey also indicates a life pattern that reflects on your own life. In fact, many authors use those patterns to structure their stories. My work has a similar approach to Campbell. It is based on the wisdom of the Masters that directly relates to their experiences. It is a spiritual journey that will help you understand your own life and at the same time give you tools to help your clients figure out the mystery of their lives.

I worked hard on developing the spiritual concept and created a coaching program that helps implement it. My goal is to make my discovery known and give the gift of healing to many people. It would not do anyone good if I kept it secret!!!!

My bigger vision is to inspire hope for coexistence and unity, where all human beings speak the language of the soul no matter what faith they believe in.


What is my unique coaching approach?

Most coaching programs focus on “cosmetic change” because what people see on the outside may help them feel good inside. This program is different. It’s soul-centered, focusing on discovering your client’s soul truth. At first I teach my coaches to seek information about their client’s core value, reflecting on their life experience. I purposely insist on not taking any actions right away. The goal is to collect information about their client’s life pattern in order to discover resistance, identify beliefs, and learn about their fears and blocks. As a result of this work, you will be able to identify your client’s core value, which is the foundation of the desired change. Once you are able to get clear about your client’s core value, you will start aligning your client’s life choices with their core value and help them make significant changes in every aspect of their life.

I highly recommend becoming familiar with my book, which demonstrates this concept through the journeys of the Masters.

Walking in the footsteps of the masters


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