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Insight about Core Value Coaching

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Your core value is giving you a new spiritual identity. It doesn’t mean that you will change your religious affiliation, but rather get in touch with your authentic self, knowing who you truly are. Come to think of it, you didn’t choose your birth identity, you just accepted it. Searching for your truth will give you a chance to reflect on your spiritual identity eliminate the untruth from your life.
“He who seeks finds.”
Before you start to understand the mystery of your life, let me first explain the full definition of Core Value. Here are five categories that give it a true meaning. Your core value has to have these five elements:
First, the core value is a value that you strongly believe in, not because you think it is nice to believe in it, but because your life experience taught you a lesson of some sort that highlights the relevance to the core value in your life. In other words, the core value is relevant to you life. You can’t believe in something that isn’t relevant to you. For example, I believe in a second chance for students, since I was the kind of student that needs this chance.
The second is similar to the first one, the core value is attached to your pain experience. You might have more than one pain experience in your life, and each pain teaches you an important lesson. As a result of reviewing your pain, ask yourself what was the most painful experience you ever had, and what is the lesson that you learned from it. Your core value linked to it. For me, the pain of separation from my own family and the separation of the two people in my birth land in Israel only highlights the important of unity that I have been craving.
The third category is the level of commitment to your core value.
If it is important to you have to stand for it whole heartily and willing to fight for it, just like Malala Yosefi that hurt by a gun shot with yet she stood with courage to protect her right to go to school before she becomes an international hero. She didn’t do it to become a hero but truly to have a fair chance to be an educated woman, because she recognized that education is power. If you strongly believe in something in spite of the fact that other would not support you or if they don’t think the way you do, you are fully committed to it. Your level of commitment to the higher ideal is beyond your physical existence, it beyond your personal needs. Your core value has been giving you a strong sense of purpose.
The fourth category is your reaction if you feel that something is missing from your surroundings. If you don’t have it in your surrounding or you witness someone violating it violate it and you can’t keep quiet, it is a validation of your core value. You personally feel responsible for doing something to restore the essence of your core value in your living soundings to fix what was broken. Think about Gandhi that can’t live without human right in Africa; Think about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that can’t live without the equal rights for people of colors. Even I felt the sense of lack in my own country when I was not allowed to interact with non-Jews, or asking questions about other people because of the fear of assimilation. I only discovered this lack when I went to Israel on my first visit after having different experiences in the United States. My awareness of weakness of my surroundings made me an advocate of unity wherever I go and whatever I do. It is part of my natural behavior and it helps me making different choices about my life.
The fifth category of core value as if it’s continues to challenge your experience in spite of the fact that you are taking actions to align your life with it every day in your life. Your core value always being challenged in situations that link you to an old tradition, or when you are surrounded with people you love in spite of the fact that they don’t think the same way. Until today I experience challenges about celebrating certain holidays to be with my own family, honoring some traditions that I don’t want to be part of it and making family decisions revolve on a logical reason vs. religious one.
Just because you know your core value and you make a different decision to change your life, does not mean that you live challenges free life for the rest of your life. However, the awareness and attention you had about your core value will keep you grounded and guide your directions. Once you accept your truth, other people will learn to respect and accept it and you most likely don’t have to compromise your truth to accommodate them. Therefore, it will eliminate struggle to lose yourself.

When you finally discover the truth about yourself, you will make a different choice to align your life with it from this point on.

The 3 mistakes that most coaches, and what I do differently?

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Mistake 1: Fix me

  • Most coaches tend to jump into fixing the client’s problem way too soon before building trust with clients
  • Encouraging clients to make changes before they are ready to do so
  • Focus on Doing and not on their being

    A great coach helps the client get to know himself or herself!

  • Collect information about the client’s life experiences to learn about his truth
  • Help your client to understand that their life choices based on past experiences.

Mistake 2 – External Transformation  

Most coaches are working with the clients on changing the “frame of a picture” not the picture itself.

         A great coach helps their clients to identify their soul truth, so they create changes in their lives from the inside out.

  • Creating client’s soul profile, identifying their core value
  • When they identify that, they will be able to stop the resisting pattern that leads to a crisis. After that, they will start making life choices that are good for them.
  • Raising your client’s awareness so they can “get there” using their own willpower.

Mistake 3 – Quick fix

A great coach helps their clients to transform their life and restructure it from the foundation.

  • The core value coaching focus on the healing process step by step to walk your client through a complete transformation
  • After discovering the core value, you help your client to restructure their life based their core value
  • Your help to take action steps that fit their natural state of being.
  • aches lack of structure and techniques.


Soul Speaking Coaching Program designed to take you through the process of transformation so you can walk the walk before talking the talk.

We provide the structure of transformation and you create the content, sharing your wisdom clients.


7 Modules that will guide you to work with your client

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Module 1 – Going Forth
Your client’s environmental conditions influence his or her choices in life. Help your client to eliminate “untruth” in order to identify his or her soul truth.

Module 2 – Looking Inward
Access your client’s soul truth using his or her own life experiences. You will guide your client to identify childhood memories that serve as an authentic clue of truth. You will use conflict to highlight the client’s truth.

Module 3 – Direction signs
You will identify “tour guides” through the “forest” of life and understand the messages that lead your clients on a journey of transformation. You will l help your client recognize important “direction signs” and their meaning.

Module 4a and 4b – Reprogramming
This module is about an internal transformation that keeps your client in the dark, consumed by fear. You will b help your client communicate his or her fears. You will identify false beliefs that prevent your client from moving forward. In the end, you will help him or her to turn fear-based actions into love-driven actions, in order to overcome obstacles.

Module 5a and 5b – Inner Conflict
You will create a very good overview of their client’s profile, including their values, fears, false beliefs, and painful experiences. This information serves as a springboard to identify core values. You will help your client identify their core values. You will also help your client to resolve his or her inner conflict to live by their truth

Module 6 – Awakening
The module is focused on creating a new life based on the newfound truth. You will help to align your client’s life choices with their core values in each aspect of their life. This step-by-step technique guides you to suggest action steps for implementing changes from the inside out.

Module 7a and 7b – Awakening of Empathy
This module focuses on deep healing learning about karmic connection and its meaning and purpose. You will be able to distinguish between a minor karma event that guides your client to his or her next destination and a major karma event that leads to complete transformation. You will help your client understand their life lesson, implementing the healing technique.

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