The 3 mistakes that most coaches, and what I do differently?

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Mistake 1: Fix me

  • Most coaches tend to jump into fixing the client’s problem way too soon before building trust with clients
  • Encouraging clients to make changes before they are ready to do so
  • Focus on Doing and not on their being

    A great coach helps the client get to know himself or herself!

  • Collect information about the client’s life experiences to learn about his truth
  • Help your client to understand that their life choices based on past experiences.

Mistake 2 – External Transformation  

Most coaches are working with the clients on changing the “frame of a picture” not the picture itself.

         A great coach helps their clients to identify their soul truth, so they create changes in their lives from the inside out.

  • Creating client’s soul profile, identifying their core value
  • When they identify that, they will be able to stop the resisting pattern that leads to a crisis. After that, they will start making life choices that are good for them.
  • Raising your client’s awareness so they can “get there” using their own willpower.

Mistake 3 – Quick fix

A great coach helps their clients to transform their life and restructure it from the foundation.

  • The core value coaching focus on the healing process step by step to walk your client through a complete transformation
  • After discovering the core value, you help your client to restructure their life based their core value
  • Your help to take action steps that fit their natural state of being.
  • aches lack of structure and techniques.


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We provide the structure of transformation and you create the content, sharing your wisdom clients.


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