7 Modules that will guide you to work with your client

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Module 1 – Going Forth
Your client’s environmental conditions influence his or her choices in life. Help your client to eliminate “untruth” in order to identify his or her soul truth.

Module 2 – Looking Inward
Access your client’s soul truth using his or her own life experiences. You will guide your client to identify childhood memories that serve as an authentic clue of truth. You will use conflict to highlight the client’s truth.

Module 3 – Direction signs
You will identify “tour guides” through the “forest” of life and understand the messages that lead your clients on a journey of transformation. You will l help your client recognize important “direction signs” and their meaning.

Module 4a and 4b – Reprogramming
This module is about an internal transformation that keeps your client in the dark, consumed by fear. You will b help your client communicate his or her fears. You will identify false beliefs that prevent your client from moving forward. In the end, you will help him or her to turn fear-based actions into love-driven actions, in order to overcome obstacles.

Module 5a and 5b – Inner Conflict
You will create a very good overview of their client’s profile, including their values, fears, false beliefs, and painful experiences. This information serves as a springboard to identify core values. You will help your client identify their core values. You will also help your client to resolve his or her inner conflict to live by their truth

Module 6 – Awakening
The module is focused on creating a new life based on the newfound truth. You will help to align your client’s life choices with their core values in each aspect of their life. This step-by-step technique guides you to suggest action steps for implementing changes from the inside out.

Module 7a and 7b – Awakening of Empathy
This module focuses on deep healing learning about karmic connection and its meaning and purpose. You will be able to distinguish between a minor karma event that guides your client to his or her next destination and a major karma event that leads to complete transformation. You will help your client understand their life lesson, implementing the healing technique.

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