Walking on Glass

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IMG_0181IMG_0165In the Un-Conference held in October 2013, I walked on broken pieces of glass, breaking through the fears that were keeping me from moving forward. Just as I was getting ready to take the first step through the trail of pain, I felt the sensation of fear in every fiber of my body, while 200 people watched and cheered me on. Read More

Ronit’s insight about the conflict in the Middle East

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“Is there any solution the conflict in Middle East, between the Israelis and the Palestinians?” I have been asked many times in my life, particularly when the tension causing a lot of pain, losing lives of innocent children.

As an Israeli who lived under the impact of terror, losing 2 relatives and experienced the pain of separation, I wish to share my insight that I gained through my life experiences. Read More

Shedding Your Feathers – 15 things to let go off

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The best thing you can do to help yourself to move forward is to clean up your “closet” from all the “things” you don’t need.

Life is always changing and you have to adjust and make choices that serve you. This changes requires you to give up on old mindset that is irrelevant to your life, and even to people who carry beliefs and lifestyle that is part of your past. You should let go of things that carry the memories and the emotional values of the past. You have to let it go.

To help you doing so, I listed a few “things” that you can do to clean out your “closet” to make room for new and exiting opportunities that is waiting for you.

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Creating the world in Ronit’s Image

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  1. A chocolate a day keep the demons away
  2. Dance freedom is the best workout, body and mind
  3. God is creating the world through US.
  4. Love is what motivates me to speak my truth.
  5. Only the truth will set you free
  6. Unlike the game of monopoly, the game of life is about “losing your ego” by being compassionate.
  7. I rather to be happy then being comfortable or safe
  8. You are what to think.
  9. What you think, is what you create.
  10. When you are changing yourself, you are changing the world.

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The Power of Magic

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The true meaning of the word Abracadabra is “I create what I speak” from the Aramaic language.

And God said: “Let there be light, and there was light.”

Many spiritual teachings put so much emphasis on visualization through meditation and vision boards that helps us materialize the dream. The problem with that is that it only creates a mental image of a materialistic vision. But we are much more than a body. We create our spiritual purpose.

We create spiritual magic through spoken words. Read More


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I started a new ritual of keeping a gratitude log, where I write daily gratitude statements that highlight the best part of each day. The idea came to me after talking to a friend on the phone telling her how unproductive my week has been, complaining how I didn’t achieve anything. During this conversation I start to realize that all the delays that happened during that week served me in the best way possible and I got a change to make important connection because of it. All of a sudden the not so great week turned into the best week. After this conversation I realized that the frustration and disappointment I felt only blocked my vision to see how much I gained because of my “unpleasant experience.” This insight inspired me to keep my gratitude log that changed my reality. I encourage you to consider this ritual and here are the benefits:

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Falling In Love With YOU

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If you wish to be loved, you have to love yourself and feel worthy of Love.

Love is about giving and not taking, the more you give the more you would be receptive to love. Therefore, my tips are about your actions of love toward other people that will enhance your worth for love. Read More

Conflict resolution

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Three things you need to know when you have a conflict with someone:

  • Don’t focus on feelings of hurt, hate, or revenge; instead, focus on your lesson. What do you need to learn from the conflict?
  • Don’t expect the other person to change; change yourself. When you change yourself, you teach people how to treat you.
  • Don’t waste your energy on being a victim; just love yourself enough to help yourself.

The people who come into our lives to challenge us are our mentors. They came to us to teach us some kind of lesson, and we must pay attention. However, we tend to put so much emphasis on the argument and the feelings of getting hurt that we often miss seeing the opportunity to learn.

Once I had a conflicted relationship with a co-teacher about not getting to class on time. She then extended the conflict by making negative comments about my hair color, and eventually she criticized my teaching style, a style that had made me popular with the students.

In the past, when I had submitted to her power and agreed to teach in the old-fashioned way, we got along. But as soon as I showed my creative side and won the students’ and other teachers’ admiration, the tension between us grew. Only when I realized that this conflict was not about us, but about the traditional style of teaching vs. the creative approach, did I start seeing a new direction for myself.

We must put our feelings aside and focus on the conflicting points of view, so we can see our own essence and learn the lesson.





“I want to be happy!”

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“I want to be happy!”

When I ask people, “What do you want from life?” they always say “I want to be happy.”

Being happy is our ultimate goal, in spite of the fact that life isn’t perfect, and we face challenges almost every day.

The Universe always delivers our wish when we ask. However, asking for “happiness” is an almost impossible request to deliver because it is too general. It is much the same as going to a travel agent to plan a vacation. The agent will ask you questions in order to identify your desired holiday: Where do you want to go? Do you want to go to a resort or on a tour? Do you want to be active or do you want to relax? Happiness is like a vacation: It is not easy to identify unless you are being the “travel agent,” asking yourself deep questions (which is what I do through my coaching program).

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Living in the flow

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Before I became a life coach, I was a victim of depression. Back then, I sought any help I could get from professionals, and my physician suggested that I see a therapist, which I did. I had a great connection with the person I chose to be my therapist, and I was open to sharing my pain and getting professional help, but in all honesty, Traditional therapy was not for me!

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