Happy New YOU

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With every New Year you feel like it is time to create and make positive changes in your life.

For the first 30 days you feel so motivated to go to gym, lose weight, and start a new business or to make changes if you have one and to make new social decisions and so on.

Unfortunately, making resolutions for the New Year prove to be useless. Most people keep it up for neither 30 days nor even 15 days sometimes and then they go back to the old habits, which are familiar and safe.

Old habits are hard to break even though some could be harmful and damaging to you and others. It was DR. Wayne Dyer that said: “If you change the way you look at things, the thing you look at change. “

If you truly desire change in your life you have to start to change the way you think, and change the beliefs that keep you stuck and frustrated.

You should focus your attention on your BEING by looking inward not so much on doing.

Maybe you don’t put yourself out there because you tend to be reserve. You can say to yourself this mantra that indicates on your fears: “I used to be shy and hidden but now I am confident and outgoing.” You have to make the change from the inside out, by changing beliefs, releasing fears that block your energy to move forward and only when you feel the essence of the new self as a confident being you can take the actions to realize it.

If you are serious about making change in your life you should consider hiring a coach: health coach, a life coach or a business coach depending on your goals.

Here is a few reasons why hiring a coach will help welcome the new you in 2016:

  1. A life coach will be your accountable partner, which will push you beyond limitations and show you that what you thought is “impossible” is certainly possible. As a result, your belief system change and you gain confident to believe in yourself.
  1. If you do it yourself, you might struggle to break old habits, feeling frustrated and lost, but your coach is your GPS, he or she has a system to get you to your destination in the most productive way, saving our time and frustrations. The coach will help you define your destination, and help you get there step by step. He or she will give you the moral support to cross to the finish line.
  1. If you do it on your own, you might waste time, energy and money doing things that aren’t right for you. Trust your coach to help you with your goals and let them lead you there. You do the best to reflect, to take action steps, to collaborate and be present in the process.
  1. Sometime we are not even aware of our bad habits that sabotage us and keep us back from getting what we want or need. The coach will help you see the destructive patterns, suggesting you healing techniques to get rid of old habits and fears and replace it with new action steps that will support your new self.
  1. A good coach should help you see a new insight about your life. You always will discover new things about yourself in the process. He or she will open your eyes to new possibilities that you didn’t consider before and teach you spiritual principles of creating your desired outcome. As long as you stay open to learn, and change you will experience magical transformation in your life.

Happy new You



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