Ronit’s Bio

Ronit Gabay is an expert of authenticity. She speaks the language of the soul in 4 different “languages”: Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. She is the author of “Walking in footsteps of the Masters,” 2015. She is passionate about helping people connect beyond labels so that they can experience life more completely. At the same time, Ronit helps her clients to highlight their own uniqueness as an individual and master the art of being authentic.

Ronit’s first best friend was Nunni (Imam Kassam), an Israeli Arab who lived next door to her family in Jerusalem in the mid 1960, when people in the world was inspired to love and give peace a chance. Since then, Ronit has worked to build positive integrative relationships, and she developed the “Soul Speaking Coaching Program” to help other learn that we are really just one.

The “Soul Speaking Coaching Program” provides a powerful transformational healing system to help coaches and healers teach what they learned in the school of life. This program guides coaches to grow themselves authentically by aligning their self with their core values. Ronit’s work supports coaches to grow their business and raise their authentic value.

Ronit has been a professional coach for 5 years. She started her career teaching transformational workshops at Bridges of Wellness by Dr. Charles Geddess and the metaphysical church in South Florida. Ronit launched there her first coaching programs.

She continues to host live events and workshops in Churches in many cities and small towns across Southern California and Florida. Ronit also hosts live events where she invites people to join her on exciting and unique transformational journeys.

Other accomplishments:

Ronit Gabay is the author of Walking in footsteps of the Masters.

Ronit Gabay teaches compassion and awakening on empathy. Her course about compassion is featured on Charter of Compassion Education Instituted

Ronit Gabay is a contributing writer for the Life Connection Magazine covering community events and raises awareness for important issues such as compassion, interfaith issues, and overall service for the local community in San Diego.


Roxy Angel Van Straussenburg, a spiritual leader at the Center of the Heart, Said:

“Ronit blew my mind. Ronit is cornucopia of information. She tied the Masters and made the story of their lives immediate, accessible, understandable and applicable to my life personally. She conducted the information from four religious greatest, incorporate her own life story and wove to create a fascinating program. I see greatness in Ronit expression of your truth and I love how she taught me that there is strength in owning, embodying and living my truth.”