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Do you want to have an 80% to 100% successful experience working with your clients? Do you want to be a top coach having clients that would refer you to more people? Do you want to help more people, making better income???

Then say good-bye to old school coaching and welcome the new approach: Soul Speaking Coaching!!

The old style of coaching does not deliver results to your clients!

Old coaching focuses on spiritual principles that are not enough to provide an experience of transformation.

 Most coaches introduce spiritual principles to their clients, such as quantum physics, the law of attraction, the science of mind, and so on. The coaches are hoping to train their clients’ minds to adapt to the universal principle and therefore create a shift of consciousness. Though those principles raise our awareness to alternative thinking, they do not hold the potential for life transformation. They do, however, increase the frequencies of change and certainly can support transformation and spiritual growth.

The new way of coaching is soul-center focused.

  • You help your clients get to know themselves on a soul level.
  • You help your clients identify their core value by creating their soul blueprint, which gives you and them a bigger picture about their life.
  • You help your clients review their past experiences, understanding their life choices.
  • After identifying their core value, you help your clients restructure their life by aligning their life choice with their core value.
  • You help restore life from the foundation and create a new life based on a new awareness.

Old coaching focuses on what you desire to have, new coaching focuses on who you are?

The book The Secret introduced many people to some spiritual laws and encouraged them to create a Vision Board, visualizing their desired life with pictures. Many of those Vision Boards are a picture-perfect expression of their mansion, cars, and luxurious life. Everything on their wish list is external!!!

In fact, most advertising associates happiness with external change, such as, “If you lose weight, you will be happy.” It is like saying that the most attractive package has the best value. That is a false belief. You might have the best body or have no financial issues and yet you still can be unhappy about your life. You don’t need to change your package; you need to work on what’s inside it. A better metaphor is a picture that reminds you of a bad memory: if you change the frame, you’ll still look at the same picture, right?

And so, transformation can only happen when you work on your client’s interior design, setting a new foundation for their future. For example, if your client has a pattern of being bullied, you have to go deeper into the issue that most likely would link to their core value. You have to make your clients aware of their own resistance to accepting change that leads them to the outcome of change. Core value coaching is a soul-centered approach and therefore, what you reset at the foundation level will last forever.

Which coaching approach do you believe in?

Soul Speaking Coaching is the only coaching that is proven to deliver fast and long-lasting results to your clients. Most of my clients made significant changes in their lives within 3-to-6 months.


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