Free to Be Me Coaching Program – 7 weeks


Healing through coaching – 7 weeks

Product Description

Peace starts from within…

Free to Be Me

Ronit Gabay invites you to an online coaching program that will teach you how to align your life with your Core Value

An 8-week session, 2 hours a session, via zoom webinar


  • If you are seeking a change but you don’t know the change you wish to make, this program will give you a clear direction.
  • If you are craving a positive change in your life but you are afraid of taking action, this program will help you cope with fears and encourage you to make love-driven actions that help you move forward.
  • If you feel lost and confused and you need help restoring your life, this program will help you understand your life and uncover your Core Value, which is the foundation of your new journey.
  • If you have made unhealthy choices in your life that only increased your pain, this program will teach you how to make better choices that are in alignment with your Core Value.



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