Ronit’s insight about the conflict in the Middle East

By April 8, 2015 News 2 Comments


“Is there any solution the conflict in Middle East, between the Israelis and the Palestinians?” I have been asked many times in my life, particularly when the tension causing a lot of pain, losing lives of innocent children.

As an Israeli who lived under the impact of terror, losing 2 relatives and experienced the pain of separation, I wish to share my insight that I gained through my life experiences.

I would like to answer the above question simply by saying YES, there is hope for resolution. As Gandhi once said: “Be the Change you wish to see in the world” my message is carry through my own spiritual transformation. In 2005 I announced my liberation from Judaism, realizing that the concept of the Chosen People that I grew up back in Israel, kept me from interacting with non-Jewish people here in the Unite State even though that was the initial reason for leaving my homeland. Why? Because of fear, and when the fear is real it enhances separation and it leads to hate and war for no good reason. One of my eyes opening moments in the United State happened when I encountered a Palestinian man who owned a falafel shop in Connecticut. We both shares love for Middle East food and music and we became good friends. From this moment on, I personally started to open my heart. I choose to live my life with love and connect with people beyond boundaries.

I believe that fear is the source of evil, hate and war. If we choose to give in to fear, and we fight it with all might, we will fight hard like the winds fought against the man who struggles to keep his jacket. But when we let love in, we bring the sunshine and it is easy to take off the Jacket. My solution is very simple: LOVE.




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