Soul Speaking Certified Coaching program


Coaches work to become certified as masters of “Soul Speaking Coaching.” This is a one-of-a-kind program that produces a complete knowledge of the coach’s soul blueprint. This enables coaches to live their authentic life, and support their clients to do the same.

The certification program results in:

Coaches improve their own performance and deliver deeper client results in shorter time
Coaches own their true strengths and gifts and assimilate these into their own coaching so they can be able to support their clients to find their unique strengths and gifts.
Coaches modify their current style based on their soul blueprints to provide one of a kind experience to their client.
Coaches take their skills to the next level of expertise through a step by step process
Coaches are associated with the strong brand of “Soul Speaking” and receive lifetime support from the community.
Coaches have the skills and tools to identify their own special niche and message so that they are ready to accept clients as soon as they graduate

3 Months Program

34.50 Credits Adult Education CCE

& Coaches be able to have resources to provide clients life-changing tools and techniques.

& Coaches be able to serve clients using their own wisdom and experience

& Coaches be able to be empathic with their client’s challenges through the process of transformation

& Coaches be able to master the process to give their clients maximum support

& Coaches be able to access the clients’ soul truth helping them to make choices that support their life

& Coaches be able to deliver transformation step by step and lead their clients toward significant change quickly.

The program modules 

Module 1 – Going Forth

  Coaches learn how to eliminate untruth in order to identify their client’s soul truth

Module 2 – Looking Inward

 Coaches learn how to access their client’s soul truth using their childhood memory and conflict

Module 3 – Direction signs

  Coaches learn how to identify “tour guides” through the “forest” of life and understand the messages that lead their clients forward

Module 4a and 4b – Reprogramming

 Coaches learn how to identify false belief the keep their clients stuck from moving forward and they learn how to turn fear based action to love driven action

Module 5a and 5b – Inner conflict

 Coaches help their client to identify their core value; coaches learn about the client’s fears and concerns to live by their truth

Module 6 – Awakening

 Coaches learn how to align their client’s life choice with their core values. It is step by step process that focuses on implementing changes.

Module 7a and 7b – Awakening of empathy

Coaches learn about karmic connection, its meaning and purpose; they will learn the “sweet revenge” healing  technique

Module 8 – My Client profile

Coaches learn how the coach’s own pain relate to his ideal client and how their ideal client will look like

Module 9 – Core Coaching Persona

 Coaches understand their own value  as a coach and they develop their own brand message

Soul Speaking
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