photo“Ronit is unlike any of my prior guides through self-development. In the short time that I have known her she’s helped me work through unanswered questions that have plagued me for years and I am eternally grateful.” ~ Neosha Jones



Maria“I gained much insight about myself. I was able to see things from a totally different perspective, which made it easier for me to identify the areas of my life that need more focus.  Was also able to shift my perspective on my close relationships.  Because of this I feel lighter and more at ease. Ronit is very special and intuitive.  She can clearly see what you can’t and when she brings what she sees to light you can be assured to experience some aha moments throughout the course.”  ~Maria Forrest

susan“The information given in each class helped me to contemplate the important things in my life and come to a new understanding of who I am and what my future to look like. Ronit’ easy teaching style and thought provoking questions helped me to see myself in a new light.” ~Susan Silverman


greg“I have been making some breakthroughs with patterns and habits I have and I think these discoveries will be really useful information for us to work with. I feel very confident that you have some insights into what will help me. The six questions you asked were tremendous tools for helping me see — and articulate — what it is I need to address right now. So your methods and tools are really good, Ronit.” ~Greg s.


dorit“I want to thank you for our session. You clarified my life lesson for me and I have a much better understanding of why I am a Connector and how and why it is my life purpose. Now that I know what my life’s lesson is I can work on it with a much lighter attitude, and instead of being at effect of it, I am in control of it and I have the confidence to tackle it. You are very gifted and have an approach of discovery that is very easy to follow and actually fun.” ~Dorit G. Papelbaum


roxy“You blew my mind, Ronit. You are cornucopia of information, you tied the Masters and made the story of their lives immediate, accessible, understandable and applicable to my life personally. You conducted the information from four religious greatest, incorporate your own life story and wove to create a fascinating seminar. I see greatness in your expression of your truth and I love how you taught me that there is strength in owning, embodying and living my truth.”
~ Roxy Angel Van Straussenburg, the Center of the Heart, SB.

lisa 2“Ronit, you are such an inspirational speaker. Your massages are clear and strong from your own personal background story to the spiritual lessons that you teach.”
~ Lisa Wojcik



“I am encouraged to look at my interest what I like and what I am drawn to, what resonate with me in a different and more intimate manner. It can be intimidating and affirming at the same time. It makes me acknowledge what I am afraid of.”
– Maria Torres